As previously discussed in the Pack Size article, “right sizing” is also valuable when creating variety packs.  Variety packs are essential to tempt consumers to try other products in your catalog that they wouldn’t normally try.  Variety packs are also a great way to bundle new products and/or slower selling products with popular items.

We at LongTail, Inc. are industry leaders in the creation of variety packs.  As seen in our article, “What is pack size and how can it help my business grow?”, we offer a variety of creative and innovative solutions for packaging variety packs.

A quick recap of the reasons why to create multi packs:

  • Lower per unit cost
  • Perceived savings by consumer
  • Share the cost of marketplace fees amongst numerous product
  • Creating multi-packs as a variation gives consumers more choices when purchasing

I currently don’t have variety packs.  Can you help me?

LongTail has several business analysts ready to assist you with creating variety packs.  We will review previous sales data for individual products along with current market positioning and recommend the best options for variety packs.  Once you have determined which variety packs to build, we can complete assemblies of product typically within 2 business days from product readiness.

I currently have variety packs but I’m not sure that they are performing well.

Our business analysts can help here as well.  We will take a look at the individual product sales along with the sales information for the current variety packs to determine if you are reaching your targeted margin.  If you are not, we will be happy to assist you in analyzing your costs and make recommendations on actions necessary to increase your margin closer to your target, if not exceed it.

How will this help me grow my business?

Shopping online and waiting for product to arrive is one of the biggest drawbacks to online shopping.  There’s a certain instant gratification that comes from going into your local brick & mortar store and taking your craved product home right away.  Variety packs encourage consumers to order in larger quantities.  They help lower the cost of the individual unit causing a higher perceived value and ultimately a higher margin.  Variety packs also help boost sales of slower selling products and help to get new products into consumer’s hands while they are purchasing their current favorites.

What about gift and holiday baskets?

Our 189,000 sq ft warehouse is fully equipped and staffed to produce holiday gift sets.  In past years, we have accomplished 1.2MM gift sets in 75 calendar days.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us through our website.  One of our business analysts will respond to you promptly.