Our team of experts understand the intricacies of selling on Amazon and other eCommerce outlets. We
know that the details can be time consuming, and confusing, as well as costly if not handled properly.
We understand that sometimes their rules don’t necessarily fit yours. We’re here to guide, mentor, and
execute flawlessly on behalf of your brand.

  • With experience within the world of eCommerce and Amazon since it’s infancy, our leadership team provides
    consultation and proven results of driving revenue and building brands.
  • Long Tail is cross functional, our leadership has 25 years in the grocery industry and 18 Years experience selling and shipping
    CPG products online
  • Experience working with over 1,000 CPG brands and 100,000 SKUs across food, beverage, natural, specialty,
    ethnic, mainstream, vitamins, beauty, GM and pet categories
  • Experience as the first Direct CPG Distributors supplier with Amazon in 2007

At LongTail we employ like minded people who share the same characteristics. Our team operates under 4 principals:

Passion for Success:

Passion for Success: Our team is innately thirsting for knowledge. We have a passion for learning and a
passion for the “what ifs” and “how tos” that make the eCommerce world revolve. We encourage the
unconventional ways of learning more and seeking out answers. We encourage our staff to be wrong
from time to time as we believe that is what drives new discoveries.

A Healthy Organization Obsession:

When it comes to eCommerce and getting your product in the hands of the end consumer Quickly, Accurately,
and Elegantly, you can’t be anything but Organized. At LongTail we have a healthy obsession with
organization. Our unique balance of technology and human intervention make our accuracy rates some
of the best in the business.

Reliable and Accountable:

We understand your world, and that changes happen, even sometimes in the middle of the night.  Because
of this we are your problem solving partner; someone you can count on to be there. With accountability
for our work in action, we quickly correct and make you aware of any unforeseen circumstances
so we can problem solve together. Our desire to be your best partner greatly outweighs almost all other


We take the fact that we represent your brand very seriously. As an extension of you, and knowing that
when your product reaches the end user it’s a reflection of all of us, we strive to be as professional as
possible every step of the journey. We are listeners first, and advisers second. Through our ability to
listen and help you solve your problem, we are often times positioned with our partners as a member of
the team.