Increase your sales

  • Right sizing your case pack
  • Provide the long tail of your complete product lineup
  • Creation of variety packs
  • ASIN creation
  • ASIN optimization
  • Amazon multi-pronged approach – FBA -> FBM -> Direct/Vendor Central
  • Curation of multiple ASINs and packs per SKU
  • Account Manager and analysis
  • Amazon promotional opportunities
  • Fulfill your existing eCommerce orders
  • Take your new items to market faster
  • Have a pricing, cost and profit model with neither surprises nor mysteries
  • Sell glass, liquid and fragile items
  • Get freed up to focus on your core retail outlets and use us as an extension
    of your team

Decrease your costs

  • Warehousing
  • No 3-day order fill requirements (based on Amazon SLAs)
  • Small parcel fulfillment
  • In-house personnel freed up to do other, more valuable functions
  • No Amazon compliance deductions
  • LongTail honors your price changes and timelines
  • No returns or damage credits
  • No special labeling or stickering
  • A partner who can onboard high touch requirements of new retailers and
    alternative channels
  • No small parcel sample shipping
  • No EDI or similar order management technology requirements
  • Get back to what you do best

Make it easier to do business

  • Purchase in your case pack
  • No Seller Central and FBA management pain
  • No Vendor Central or Vendor Express management pain
  • No dealing with ever changing Amazon requirements and guidelines
  • No floor space required and no production interruptions for Amazon’s
    high-touch processing requirements
  • No guessing which unauthorized sellers and distributors are selling your
    product online
  • Let LongTail handle the high touch needs of Amazon and get your sanity

If you are choosing to service Amazon in-house or with a 3PL you may be accomplishing
only 1 or 2 of these drivers.  Only LongTail delivers with all 3 of these drivers as a
complete Amazon and eCommerce solution.