A recent prospective client notified us that their manufacturing facility was going to be packaging their product into medium sized Gaylords.  The manufacturer would then be shipping Gaylords to us for distribution.  Consumers do not often have need for a Gaylord of product.  Consumers often do not purchase whole cases of  product.  Due to limitations of manufacturers’ space and personnel, they will not package the product into sellable units.

While shipping product in a Gaylord often protects it during the shipping process, converting the product into sellable units requires creativity and expertise.  We at LongTail have a warehouse of professionals that are trained to take the largest of product packages and produce pack sizes that are more consumer friendly.

What options are available to repack my product?

Our warehouse is fully equipped to repack your product in a variety of ways.  Our top three methods include:

  • Poly Bagging:
    We use poly bags to package the product. We have a variety of sizes and can custom order additional sizes at your request.  All poly bags that are sent to Amazon and require a suffocation label will either have a warning pre-printed on them or a warning label affixed.  The cost range of a poly bag without labor to assemble the new package size is approximately $.15 – $.75.*
  • Boxes:
    Plain brown boxes, or branded boxes provided by you, can be used to assemble the new package size. The cost range of a box without labor to assemble the new package size is approximately $.35 – $1.25.*
  • Shrink Wrap:
    Shrink wrap can be used to bundle items of similar sizes together. This is beneficial for products that are more uniform such as a deck of cards or tubes of chips.  The cost range to use shrink wrap varies based on the size of the product we are bundling, the thickness of shrink wrap required and the number of bundles we are creating.  We are happy to discuss this option and provide you with an in depth quote.

After the newly created kits are completed, we can affix a variety of labels to your product.  We can also create and add new brand labels with a unique UPC for the package, or we can affix Amazon specific labels to prepare your product for shipments to Amazon.

Our 189,000 sq ft warehouse, complete with cooler for temperature controlled product, is ready to store your product in these smaller sizes until you are ready to ship them.  We are a full 3PL service and will ship your product to retailers such as Walmart, Target and CVS along with Amazon.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us through our website.  One of our business analysts will respond to you promptly.