Amazon Frustration Free Packaging Program

In the ever-changing world of Amazon, packaging changes remain one of the very few constants. We have all received “that package” from an online store. It sucks all the joy out of what is inside the box because it is so difficult to open. Amazon, in an effort to create a better customer experience, has rolled out many iterations of its customer-friendly packaging requirement. Their latest version just went into effect on September 1st. So, we thought it would be a good time to break down the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon’s newest Frustration-Free Packaging Program requirements. Read on to learn the latest on Amazon FFP.

What is Frustration Free Packaging?

Amazons Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) program allows vendors to have there packing certified against Amazon’s requirements. The program was implemented to address packaging waste and simplify the fulfillment process.

Any products that meet the following criteria must be certified:

  • Package dimensions greater than 18″ x 14″ x 8″ (Any packaged item with its longest side more than 18″, or its shortest side more than 8″, or its median side more than 14″)
  • Items greater than 20 lbs

There are a few exceptional cases as well.  Items for Amazon Pantry for example are excluded from FFP.  For the full list of excluded products check out the  Frustration-Free Packaging Program requirements.

Why You Should Consider FFP

There are always pros and cons to every Amazon program. Let’s take a minute to review the advantages and disadvantages.  This way you’ll have a better understanding of what you and your brand and committing to, should you decide or need to get your packaging certified.


  • Minimize Chargeback Fees
    • Once certified, this will help to minimize/eliminate Amazon Prep chargeback fees on all registered ASINs.
  • Eliminate Non-Compliance Fees
    • Amazon is starting to chargeback non-compliant vendors. So, if you adhere to the FFP/SIOC packaging specifications, you will not be fined.
  • Save the Planet
    • This packaging will be more ecological. Not only is this an advantage for the planet, but a good selling point for your brand.
  • Save Money on Packaging
    • In keeping with ecology (reduced waste), this packaging style has less “bells and whistles” than traditional retail options. Realistically, when a consumer orders from Amazon, they expect it in a box, nothing fancy necessary.
  • Save Money on Shipping
    • Since the packaging is “right-sized” for Amazon fulfillment, Amazon surmises that this new packaging style will save shipping costs for the vendor and Amazon alike.


  • Change your Packaging
    • Unless you are already within Amazon’s specifications, you will be redoing your packaging for some/potentially all your items that sell on Amazon.
  • Multiple Packaging Options
    • Depending on your agreements with your other clients, you may have to carry more than one packaging option.
  • Pay to Play
    • The certification is no longer free, and you must go through an independent third-party expert (part of the APASS network).


As you can see, the Pros outweigh the Cons if you want to sell successfully on Amazon. We recommend our clients certify their packaging through one of the licensed APASS vendors. If preferred, Longtail also provides this service to our clients through one of our local APASS vendors.

To learn how Longtail can help your brand with Amazon and FFP/SIOC ready packaging, or to get your packaging certified, contact us today!

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