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Virtual Warehouse User Guide (PDF File)

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Our WMS – Virtual Warehouse is a Web Portal interface designed to help clients access Self-Service Reporting Tools and Data Documents. These tools consist of a series of user-friendly Reports and Dashboards, which can be used to manage items housed in our Warehouse Storage Facilities.

Please contact your CES or Account Manager for log-in set-up.

To access the Virtual Warehouse, each User will be provided by CTL/Longtail with a set of User Credentials, with which they can log into the Web Portal. Each Client will also be provided with a URL in order to access and view the data specific to them within the Virtual Warehouse.

To initiate the Login Procedure, open whatever Internet Browser is standard for your system and enter the URL in the browser URL bar.

Enter the User Credentials as supplied by CTL/Longtail and click on “LOGIN.”

Sample Image:

Additional Information

For the full User Guide, please download a copy of our PDF file with the link below.


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