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Receiving Requirements (PDF File)

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This document identifies the receiving requirements for all inbound materials being sent to our warehouse facilities. These requirements when followed will ensure a timely and accurate receiving process. Failure to meet the below requirements will result in either a refused shipment or additional charges for non-conformance.

Section 1) Instructions required prior to coordinating delivery to our warehouse:

Where is the warehouse Located?

  • Longtail Inc. – 2881 N. Busse Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 – Receiving Dock Doors #13-18
  • Standard Receiving Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST Monday – Friday (excluding holidays)
  • *All deliveries require a delivery appointment to be set in advance of arrival*
  • Receiving inquiries or appointment requests, please call: (708)-223-1157
  • Email for receiving inquiries or appointment requests:

What information is required to secure the delivery appointment?

  • An ASN must be sent to your Account Manager at minimum 48 hours in advance of the requested appointment,.
  • The Carrier name, PO#, (PRO/Tracking# if applicable) and carton/pallet count must be provided
  • Identify if the load will be palletized or floor loaded.
  • Floor loaded deliveries must state if a live unload is desired or if the trailer/container is being dropped. If the trailer/container is dropped, the remaining free time, per diem, or LFD (last free day) must be cited to avoid detention fees.  Longtail Inc. will not be responsible for any associated fees incurred if this information is not cited at the time of securing the appointment.

What is required of the carrier upon arrival?

  • The driver must check in with our receiving team prior their appointment time and prior to backing into a door. A receiving associate will direct the driver to the appropriate door.
  • When checking in, the driver must present their appointment time, carrier name, & bill of lading/shipping manifest, the total number of pallets per load, and a copy the complete shipment’s packing slip, and must provide the same reference used in setting the appointment.
  • Trailer/Container condition must be deemed safe upon inspection prior to unloading. Any structural damage to the trailer/container such as holes/leaks, damaged walls, floorboards, or floorboards deemed unable to withstand weight of a pallet jack fully laden may result in refusal of the entire shipment. 
  • Once backed to a door, the vehicle must be shut off and wheels must be chocked prior to unloading for safety during unloading.
  • For safety and security drivers required to wait in the designated waiting area or in their vehicle. Drivers are not allowed on our dock or beyond the check-in and waiting area unless escorted by an employee.

What happens if a carrier arrives with no appointment or misses their appointment time?

  • A driver may be refused and instructed to contact their dispatch to set an appointment for a future date/time if no opening is available and will be asked to return at that scheduled time.
  • A driver may be given an appointment for later that day if available.
  • A driver may be given an option to wait as a work-in unload between other appointments if the scheduled workload and time permit, these instances are taken on a case-by-case basis and will not guarantee any estimated wait time, nor will this imply an appointment. Longtail Inc. will not be liable for any detention time charges in this instance.
  • Appointment times will be held for 20 minutes maximum, thereafter the appointment is considered forfeit unless prior arrangements have been secured.

Section 2)   Requirements for accurate receipt of enclosures and pallets:

What information must be present on each enclosure/carton?

  • Restriction of only one item and lot per enclosure and per pallet. Any mixed items/lots in an enclosure or on a pallet will be subject to the hourly receiving rate listed on your rate card  and product will be quarantined as nonconforming for sortation and segregation.  These items will be held in quarantine until completion of sort/segregate at which time inventory will be allocated.
  • Each enclosure must be labeled to identify its contents and must have both a scannable barcode and human readable detail. Each label must list the client’s name, item ID number, item description, quantity per enclosure, and relational lot and expiration date. *See Example directly below:

  • Each pallet must have affixed an individual packing slip which identifies the following criteria: The client’s associated PO#, a complete list of item ID’s within the pallet, an enclosure count and quantity per enclosure for each item ID listed, and lot/expiration date for each item ID listed.
  • Pallets used for the transport of items must be of sound construction with dimensions of 40” x 48”, completed height not to exceed 60”, and palletized weight not to exceed a maximum of 2,000 lbs. unless prior authorization has been obtained. No plastic or metal pallets will be accepted.
  • Shipments arriving on broken or irregular size pallets will be charged $7.50 per pallet and assessed the hourly receiving labor stated on your rate card to unwrap and restack the materials.
  • Shipments requiring a pallet exchange will not be accepted. Longtail Inc. does not participate in a pallet exchange service. 
  • Power Packs or Gaylords will not be accepted without prior written consent from the client and consent of Longtail Inc.
  • Palletized product must not overhang or exceed the pallet 40”x48” dimension.
  • Pallets are not to be side loaded within the trailer. This may result in the delivery being rejected or additional nonconforming receiving charges assessed to the client.
  • Pallets are not to be double stacked within a trailer unless properly secured with straps/bars and deemed safe to unload by the receiving crew members. Failure to comply could result in a trailer being rejected, or additional receiving charges assessed to the client for nonconformance.
  • Shifted, excessively damaged loads, or leaning pallets which are be deemed unsafe will be rejected.
  • Pallets should be shrink-wrapped to adequately protect your materials during transit, wrap should be secured to the bottom of the pallet and wrapped entirely from bottom to top.

Section 3)   Required supporting documentation upon receipt

What documentation must accompany each shipment for accurate receipt and putaway?

  • A complete legible BOL and accompanying Packing Slips are required with each inbound delivery. All lot numbers must be listed on the bill of lading and packing slips and must clearly identify lot number relationship to item IDs and their descriptions.  Any items received which do not match the supported documentation will be placed into the nonconforming quarantine for disposition and will be assessed hourly labor fees for non-conforming receipt once further instruction is received.
  • Please note, Inventory transitions for new clients require a full plan detailing the inventory transition and receiving plan. Expectations and timeline must be communicated and agreed-upon prior to shipment receipt. The receipt timing in this document may not applicable in these circumstances.

When will inventory be allocated and made available?

  • Shipments with proper documentation which follow the outlined process and are received prior to 2 p.m. CST will be received into inventory within 48 hours (up to 2 standard business days).
  • Shipments which arrive with the Longtail Inc. requirements listed below and are delivered after 2 p.m. may require up to one additional business day for processing.
  • Shipments which do not follow the receiving requirements below are subject to refusal or will cause delays in receiving and additional handling charges will be incurred as detailed within this document.
  • Any damages or non-conformances will be communicated by the Account Manager within 24 hours of receipt. In the event of receipt of damage, a copy of the signed bill of lading and photos of the damage will be provided, and product will be held in quarantine for disposition.

Additional Information

If you’d like a printable reference guide, please download a copy of our PDF guide with the link below.

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