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Outbound Shipping Requirements (PDF File)

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This document identifies the outbound shipping requirements for all outbound materials being picked up at our warehouse facilities. These requirements will ensure a timely and accurate loading and shipping process. Failure to meet the below requirements will result in either a refused pick up or additional charges for non-conformance.

Locations and Contact information:

Shipping hours are: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CST

All shipping inquiries or appointment requests are to be made by calling: (708) 223-1200 or by emailing the facility:

– 2881 N. Busse Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 email:
– 11697 W. Grand Avenue, Northlake IL 60164 email:
– 560 Supreme Drive, Bensenville IL 60106 email:

Please Contact your Account Manager with any questions.

  • Carrier Compliance
    • General
      • Appointments are required for all freight pickups from our warehouse.
      • No appointments are necessary if shipping small parcel. Small parcel pick-ups occur throughout the day, with last pick up between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.
      • Standard hours of operation are 0900 to 1800 hours. Later arrival times may be able to be accommodated if scheduled in advance.
    • Delivery Appointments
      • Appointments must be requested no later than 12:00 p.m. CST, one business day prior to pick up.
      • The order must be fully processed and ready for pick up in advance of the requested appointment.
      • The Carrier Name, Customer Name, Customer PO # or ARN #, PRO # or Trailer # and Client Name must be provided at time of appointment.
      • Any special requirements for loading must be communicated at time of appointment.
      • Drop trailers can be accommodated, details regarding timing and pickup carrier must be available when making the appointment.
  • Loading Requirements
    • Driver Check In
      • The driver must check in with a CLS shipping associate prior to their appointment time and prior to backing into a dock. A shipping associate will direct the driver to the appropriate dock.
      • When checking in, the driver must present and/or identify the following:
        • Photo Identification
        • Carrier Name
        • Customer Name and Destination Address
        • Customer SO #, PO #, ARN #
        • Number of pallets
      • What happens if a carrier arrives with no appointment or misses their appointment time?
        • A carrier may be refused, and the driver instructed to contact their dispatch to set an appointment for a future date/time. A driver may be given an appointment for later that day if available and the freight is ready.
        • A driver may be given an option to wait as a work-in to load between other appointments if the scheduled workload and time permits. These instances are taken on a case-by-case basis and will not guarantee any estimated wait time, nor will this imply an appointment. The warehouse will not be liable for any detention time charges in this instance.
        • Appointment times will be held for 20 minutes maximum, thereafter the appointment is considered forfeit unless prior arrangements have been secured.
        • If the Driver does not have a valid # to identify the shipment, they must contact their dispatch and request the information.
    • Shipment Paperwork
      • A complete legible BOL will be provided to the driver to review for accuracy; the driver is to sign and date each BOL and it is to be returned to the shipping associate. The shipping associate will co-sign and date the BOL’s and provide one copy to the driver and keep two copies for CLS records.
      • If the carrier is providing pro # labels to be attached to the freight they must be provided to the shipping associate immediately.
      • It is requested, if a driver has a pro book that can be left behind for future pick-ups the shipment will be labeled with PRO #’s and associated PRO # label on the BOL will be prepared before the driver arrives.
    • Shipment Loading
      • Once backed into a dock, the vehicle must be shut off and wheels must be chocked prior to loading.
      • The interior and exterior trailer/container condition must be deemed safe upon inspection prior to loading. Any structural damage to the trailer/container such as holes/leaks, damaged walls, floorboards or floorboards deemed unable to withstand weight of our forklift fully laden may result in refusal of the entire shipment.
      • For safety and security, drivers are required to wait in the designated waiting area.
      • Drivers are not allowed on the dock or beyond the check-in and waiting area unless escorted by an employee.
      • If trailer seals are required after loading please alert the shipping associate.

Additional Information

If you’d like a printable reference guide, please download a copy of our PDF guide with the link below.


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