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FTP User Guide (PDF File)

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Our FTP site is for the various manual order files to be uploaded and shared between our Clients and Longtail.

The FTP site can also be used to share Tracking, Stock Status and Reporting reports with our Clients.

The order files uploaded by the client will be automatically pulled into our WMS daily (Mon – Fri) at 11am CST once Vendor Central
PO’s are approved.

The order files MUST be .xlsx and must be named in the following fashion:

  • YYYYMMDD_FulfillmentOrder.xlsx
  • CTL/Longtail will get notification of automation failure daily (Mon – Fri) at 11am CST
  • CTL/Longtail will advise our Client of the failure and a new order will need to be uploaded

As a Client, if you need access to your FTP folders, please reach out to your Account Manager for help.



Link to FTP Site:

Log-in Screen:




Username and Password are required








Once logged onto the site click on the INBOUND folder

You will then be taken to a page with another set of folders to choose from.  At this point, you need to select the folder you are wanting to upload a folder to:







On the next screen, you will click the UPLOAD FILES button:






You will be asked to Choose Files to Upload.  You can choose up to 5 files to upload at a time:




Once file(s) are chosen click the UPLOAD button:  

**Once you click UPLOAD the files automatically transmit to CTL/Longtail**





If you click UPLOAD and you see a file on the next screen, simply click the GO button and the file will transmit and disappear.

If you click GO and the file does NOT disappear, please contact CTL/Longtail to troubleshoot.



In order to retrieve a file that CTL/Longtail has uploaded you will need to log in and instead of choosing INBOUND folder, select the OUTBOUND folder.








On the next screen select the folder that the file folder that has file dropped in it:







Click on the file you are wanting to open and it will download for viewing:







If you want to delete a file simply click the box next to file to be deleted and click delete:




Additional Information

If you’d like a printable reference guide, please download a copy of our PDF guide with the link below.

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