LongTail’s Solutions are unlike any other you have seen in the industry. We offer the same quality service as major 3PL’s but with the customization and attention to detail needed to sell on Amazon and other eCommerce channels.

Food to Widgets

Food grade small parcel packaging experts; literally from soup to nuts.

  • Make all of your products and sizes available (the “LongTail”)

    • Launching a new SKU or flavor in your product line?  Have a old SKU that needs a new home or refresh?  We can help get your product noticed and purchased on Amazon or other e-commerce marketplaces.  We specialize in getting ALL your products, sizes and flavors to your customers; because if the demand is there, so is the revenue.
  • Variety pack & multi-pack optimization

    • Adding a new flavor or line extension to a Variety or Multi-pack is often the answer to getting great exposure to your portfolio of products. We specialize in creating Packs that are specific to your needs.  We do the competitive research to understand the landscape and develop the Pack that’s right for you, or recommend a co-packing option to compliment your particular product.
  • Glass & Liquid

    • Do you have a fragile or liquid product that needs special packaging and shipping attention? You’ve come to the right place.  Our intricate kitting and fulfillment services are designed to provide you a custom solution to avoid breakage and spillage.
  • Amazon’s FFP program (Frustration Free Packaging)

    • Let us handle all of Amazon’s packaging requirements to avoid unforeseen fees and charge backs.  We can also guide your brand on packaging design and creation.
  • Climate controlled storage

    • Need a temperature sensitive product shipped, even in the middle of summer? We got your back, and ice pack, to make it happen.  From climate controlled storage to cool shipping solutions, contact us to get your product in consumers hands as if they had just picked it off the grocery shelf.
  • Lot and code date tracking

    • We make sure that all your products are inventoried correctly, and product is sent out based on the nearest expiration date.  Our barcode tracking technology assures your products shelf life is kept in check and nothing that isn’t supposed to go out the door does.